13 October 2013

Volatil - Unify EP (BSL009)

Release date: 21st October 2013

This new release from Barcelona based Volatil, his first on the Basal imprint, shows exactly why he's gained a solid reputation both in the city and further afield.
With 3 tracks from Volatil and a remix from Basal label mate Aiko “Unify” presents tunes that blend familiar underground sounds and dubbed out production with some of the most current dancefloor styles.

“Understandings” builds like a deep tech tune only to drop down to a dubbed out number with lurching syncopated percussion and rumbling sub.
Title track “Unifier” brings some urgency to the proceedings, with an upfront rhythm that comes somewhere between deep dubstep and ukfunky and a hypnotic acid bassline menacing it's way through the tune.

“U R We” sees a much more spartan and spaced out soundscape with garagey percussions, chopped samples and dank sounds competing in a delay drenched dub to claustrophobic effect.

The Aiko mix of “Understandings” reimagines the track with lush pads and delicate piano melodies against a deep and driving percussive backdrop.

“Unify” presents both Volatil and Basal as names to watch for the discerning bass enthusiast.

Volatils´s Soundcloud

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25 September 2013

Terra @ Sala Upolad
Date: Friday 18 Oct 2013

Team TERRA are back at the beautiful SALA UPLOAD in Poble Espanyol with a showcase of our very own BASAL record label.

Basal's ANY SHAPE are bringing the big hitters with two of their new artists AIKO and VOLATIL and especial guest directly from Copenhagen, RDG is back for another heavy duty bass session.

Hosted by MC STORMY and MARVELOUS SUPA, with SAMRAI, KLs and THE PRIMATE providing subsonic support from the TERRA crew!


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04 September 2013

Terra @ Sala Upolad
Date: Friday 13 Sep 2013

This friday 13 of September TERRA returns to the beautiful Sala Upload with ridiculously special guests CHELIS and SATTA B. If you were at the last one; you know what to expect, if not...Here's a second chance!
Click "Like" on our FB page for 5 Euro admission until 01:30!
Featuring an especially reinforced SOUNDSYSTEM to make sure that TERRA has never sounded better!


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25 June 2013

Any Shape - Tarapoto EP (BSL008)

Release date: 1st July 2013
Any Shape got shaped by 2 waveforms (From Peru and Denmark) that came from far away and fused together in Barcelona. Merged together the vibrations of these frequencies are generating a unique sound constructed with different forms and textures;
Hypnotic waveforms reverbing throughout the world and taking shape as deep bass lines, melancholic melodies and techno-tinged percussions…

“Tarapoto” takes the listener deep into the Peruvian jungle to partake in an ancient shamanic ritual of spiritual awakening and metabolically transformation. Once the elixir is consumed dimensions shift and the serpent coils tight around the perception of time and space. Let the tribal drums be your guide and let yourself be teleported by the sacramental bass.

Continue the journey “365 above” sea level through cosmic planes of shifting bass lines and digital vibrations as Shamanic tentacles pull the listener deeper into the shadow lands. There is no need to struggle…this trip will end with positive enlightenment that will make your aura glow.

RDG uncovers cosmic creatures and pushes them front and center to dance around the ritual bonfire with his darker sci-fi take on “Taraporto”. Here Interdimensional Bass line beings morph and shift into serpent like shapes to the sound of the drums. A cosmic dance between this world and theirs.

Any Shape´s Soundcloud

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18 June 2013

Any Shape @ Sonar 2013! SonarDome (RBMA)

Anyshape happily announce that they will be having the honor of opening Sonar Festival at this year’s RBMA stage, “SonarDôme.”
This year Sonar celebrates their 20th anniversary and they have prepared a new SONAR DAY location at the fira Montjuic, Barcelona.

There will also be a chance to listen to some new material from their upcoming EP “Tarapoto” released the 1st of July 2013 on Basal label, which also includes a remix from Danish bass head RDG.

Sonar web

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29 May 2013

Off Sonar - SuperUnknown Festival (13-06-13)

L.A.B. [ Live Analogue Beats ]


Superunknown Festival

Off Sonar Special Event

13/06/2013 @ Sala Be Good

Thursday the 13th of June, during Sonar week, L.A.B. tries to give visibility to the electronic scene of the
town, focusing on different Live Sets and several musical styles, like Downtempo, Giltch, Dubstep, Experimental, Dub, Techno, Ambient ... without losing sight of the concept of the platform itself, proposing each Live Set as an hybrid combination between analog and digital.

Any Shape heads of Basal label will be playing at 01:15


6 Euro with a beer until: 22.00
10 Euro with cubata

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09 April 2013

Aiko - Diagonal EP (BSL007) - OUT NOW! (25-03-13)

25 March 2013 - Release date

Aiko is an artist from Valencia – Spain, now living in Barcelona which Basal label has had an eye on his work for a while.
The first track Diagonal has a deep looming science fiction intro, which breaks down into an organic, pulsing, bass driven journey, with distant tribal drums. The bass is an exceptionally well produced exercise in restraint which feels like the heartbeat of a new breed of Terminator. The track manages to be both driving and yet somehow relaxing simultaneously and it really works. It is a fine well engineered track and one for the thinking crew!
Trains, has as well a pensive, ominous intro, which swells and drops into a more percussive stepper of a track. It has minimal dub influences with a proper use of delay and deep vibes.
Definitely one for the head nodders on the floor!

Aiko´s Soundcloud

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05 March 2013

TERRA @ Sala Upload - (08-03-13)


Celebrating the launch of the new ALPHA EP of ESPAI, TERRA presents an evening of refined bass from the past and future, with the TERRA crew's first party at SALA UPLOAD, POBLE ESPAÑOL on Monjuic.

Visuals by NIDRA (Audiovisual City) & AYL.

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19 January 2013

Rastronaut - Legba EP (BSL006) - Forthcoming (28-01-13)

28 January 2013 - Release date

Rastronaut may have been born in Portugal but his current state of consciousness floats somewhere between our galaxy and a parallel universe of mystical bass.
“Fugitive Dub” uses inner sounds from outer space to shift and mutate across the cosmos like an alien life form spawned from the mind of a Jamaican witch doctor.
“Legba” is sci-fi voodoo which takes you on an orbit across futuristic worlds inhabited by tribesmen who worship subwoofers in ritualistic ceremonies.
Likewise, Shcuro keeps “Fugitive Dub” (on the Run remix) set in a post apocalyptic techno cityscape of industrial decay.

Next stop the Rastrosphere….

Rastronaut´s Soundcloud

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31 December 2012

BASAL New Year´s Eve Party - BCN (Spain)

31 December 2012


Celebrate the shifting of times and the trip into 2013 with your friendly neighborhood bass label all-stars in Barcelona. Instead of running from party to party, come relax and retreat to Las Cuevas for a taste of techno and bass music in the magic and atmospheric basement in el Gótico.

We guarantee an attitude-free party with all your new best friends, the best cocktails in town, and friendly techno, house and bass vibes from a trans-sexual DJ lineup. We don't charge a massive entry fee for the privilege of partying with us, so take that money and put it towards a good time in the cozy confines of Las Cuevas del Sorte.




NEIL FAKEY & NOXTA [back2back] (DK)



Visuals by:




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19 October 2012

Shcuro - Distant Shores EP (BSL005) -
Forthcoming (29-10-12)

29 October 2012 - Release date

Shcuro - Distant Shores EP

After releasing tracks as part of projects like Missão Apolo and Polymers, Shcuro starts his solo career as a producer with his debut ep, that will be released the 29 of October 2012 at Barcelona based label Basal.
Shcuro explores the fusion of dub landscapes with bass-driven dancefloor vibes, filling them with dark atmospheres and swinging techno / house rhythms.
Distant Shores smoothly moves from more techno orientated sounds, into the syncopated rhythmic sections of "Grota" to bassier realms, like the loud drum groove and gritty low end on "Ursa".

The record leads to the sea cliffs along the wild coast of "Cabo da Roca", the westernmost point of continental europe "where the land ends and the sea begins". When walking through the cliffs sometimes cut by narrow water courses it's possible to discover small beaches, some of them a bit hidden and with a difficult access, awakening thus further the curiosity about these wild seashores lost in time and space.

Shcuro´s Soundcloud

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13 August 2012

Mic Ryan - Winter (13-08-12) - (BSL003)

13 August 2012 - Release date

Mic Ryan - Winter (Full length album)

This new release from Basal label is a full-length album, which consolidates the label's deep hypnotic sound with a collection of tunes from new Danish signing Mic Ryan.

Winter explores a vast icy soundscape through a variety of styles, from detroit tech, electro and glitch to industrial and haunting soundtrack style backdrops tied together with a consistent stripped groovy dubstep production.

Whether for use on the discerning dancefloor or for more laid back listening, this new release is essential for any bass “connoisseur”, further establishing Basal's commitment to dubbed out quality and establishing Mic Ryan as a versatile new talent on the scene.

Mic Ryan´s Soundcloud

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16 September 2012

Dr. Zoidberg - Neural Transition (BSL004) -
Forthcoming (08-10-12)

08 October 2012 - Release date

Dr. Zoidberg - Neural Transistion EP

Joel Lopez, aka Dr. Zoidberg (Who is currently diagnosing in Barcelona) fuses global instruments with organic soundscapes which take the listener on a cosmic journey into a universe of transitionary sounds. On “Eastern Whisper” he weaves a sitar with industrialized sci-fi Bass lines that plunge you deep into a mystic land that is both ethereal as well as post apocalyptic and cyborg ridden. “Third Wave” builds as an euphoric escalation that reaches a celestial plateau of hypnotic bass lines, synths and tabla percussions. Part science. Part spiritual mysticism. “Neural Transitions” is a ying-yang elixir worthy of the good Dr.’s prescription.

Dr Zoidberg´s Soundcloud

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28 June 2012

POBLE DUB SEC 20/21-07-12 - BCN (Spain)

21 July 2012

Street party - Poble Dub Sec

Lineup saturday:

16:00h - JAVI VERDES
17.30h - JEJAH
20:30h - HI-FUNKTION
22:00h - MA-Z
23.15h - FEKIM
00.30h - ANYSHAPE

NO Facebook event

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28 June 2012


16 June 2012

We couldn't be happier with the response that we've had from artists both domestic and exotic to our invitation to participate in our alternative to the rather dull and somewhat ridiculously priced corporate advert posing as cultural event that is SONAR. For our final day, we're going deep with some of the heaviest hitters that TERRA has hosted over the last 6 months returning to team up with resident evils to finish with a bang.


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28 June 2012

OFF Sonar- BCN (Spain)

14 June 2012

El proyecto Support Your Local Scene que está auspiciado por Pulsewith, el label que comanda nuestro amigo Oliver Henares, más conocido como Swat_Squad, también busca su sitio durante la dilatada velada Off Sonar que tendrá lugar dentro de poco.
Para esta ocasión, los lugares elegidos serán, Nitsa2 y Row14.

La semana off sonar de Pulsewith empezara el jueves 14 de junio en la Sala 2 del Nitsa, con los dj's:

Ramón Augé (Nipple Records)
Roger.B (Sunday Suckers)
Marc Ferrer (Sunday Suckers)
Any Shape (Bassal Records)

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28 June 2012

L.A.B [Live Analogue Beats] @ Be Cool
- BCN (Spain)

8 June 2012


"L.A.B." provides fully dynamic interactive nights, providing a cultural context to each of their events. Documentaries in rotation on the development and content of electronic music and its origins will be projected at the beginning of the events. Live analog performances are an essential part of these nights, DJ sessions will close every events.


01.00 a 02.00 : ANY SHAPE ( Basal Rec. )
04.30 a 6.00 : DAVID LOST ( Lostracks Rec. )

Mapping by DLIGHTBOX


Basal Rec
Lostracks Rec
Barcelona Connect
Radio Contrabanda

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28 June 2012

PLAYASTEP ft Redrum, Nicenoise and Anyshape
BCN (Spain)

26 May 2012

Le damos la bienvenida a DJ Redrum que junto a Nicenoise y el live duo de Anyshape van a calentar la terraza de la Chiquita ese sábado 26 mayo !


El spot! Por Tren o por Bus!

Tren "R2" dirección "Vilanova i la Geltrú" desde "Sants", o "Paseo de Gracia", o "Estación de Francia" hasta "Platja de Castelldefels" (no confundir con "Castelldefels") caminas hacia el mar y el primer chiringuito azul y blanco a la derecha es "La Chiquita".
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27 June 2012

L.A.B. "Live Analog Beats " - Lazy sunday- BCN (Spain)

20 May 2012

( Lazy Sunday )

Hola a tod@s estaremos el domingo 20 de Mayo en esta nueva location para ofrecer al los amantes de la música electrónica en directo un nuevo espacio en el Borne, trasladando el concepto "L.A.B." en este Bar cálido y acogedor proponiendo y divulgando artes multimedial y visuales en el corazón de la cuidad.

20.00 a 21.30 Documental: R.I.P. A Rmx Manifesto
Substitutos en Castellano

"The feature documentary RiP! A Remix Manifesto explores the complexities of intellectual property in the era of peer-to-peer file sharing"

21.30 a 22.30 Any Shape (Basal Rec)
[ Experimental Dubstep Set ]

22.30 a 00.00 Experimental Downtempo Set By
Marcio Mayndoshi

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27 June 2012

TERRA Freaky Friday - BUNKER - Barcelona (Spain)

18 may 2012


This month BASAL RECORDS crew, ANYSHAPE have put together an all star intercontinental event, focussing on the deep hypnotic and distinctly techno side of bass music. As usual, 2 salas, a multitude of flavours and a single unity of ecstatic human consciousness. GUARANTEED

Main Floor:

ERVADOCE (Portugal) - live act
DUSTRY CRI - (Italy)



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